Wolfshadow (wolfshadow) wrote in wolfsrain,

Remix of Gravity...

My sister, fiance, and brother and law and I worked hard as hell on this..


Just figured you guys would wanna hear it.

Samantha Weaver ( ff7sam ) - Vocals
Kevin Weaver - Support and wire bitch, husband of the vocalist
Cory Fujimori ( gnuages ) - Melody support, mixing, editing..
Alberto Rizzo Schettino ( Website ) - Piano, taking time out on so many paid projects to do a favor for us on very short notice...

Now before anybody says ANYTHING..

This was done with a half-decent microphone in a basement in Central Square NY and a laptop. It's not gonna sound perfect.
The vocalist is not a professional and doesn't claim to be. She loves the song and loves the fact that her favorite character's VA has sung in english. She's not a Wolf's Rain fan, I am. BUT, Maaya also voices Aeris / Aerith in FF7:AC, so that's where the inspiration came from to do the cover- she also cosplays as Aeris.
Given those reasons, I think that's enough to have fun and do a cover.

(Sorry, gotta protect my little sis here..... People seem to think it's ok to diss her because she's not the next american idol...)

Quite frankly, the basic rule here is, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all... :P

Otherwise, enjoy it! It's there for fun, after all, and we all worked for days on it.. :3

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