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wolf's rain
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WR is (obviously) a fan community for Wolf's Rain. WR is the place to visit for fanfic, fanart, general discussion, and a rowdy good time.

(Translation: We'll be wallowing in some rather adult topics. No kiddies please.)


Keep posts on-topic. If it doesn't directly relate to the Wolf's Rain series, think twice about hitting the 'post' button. (for example: posts about wolves in general, werewolves, furries, etc. are considered off-topic and are subject to deletion.)

Do not post quiz results to the community. Post a link to the results in your personal journal if you feel the need to mention quizzes at all.

Spoiler cuts are appreciated. HOWEVER... viewing spoilers is a risk you run participating in ANY public forum. If you have not seen the series end and absolutely do not wish to be spoiled, I suggest you do not participate in this community.

Play nice. ^_~